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Activity Recognition using new GoogleApiClient [ActivityRecognitionClient is deprecated in december 2014]

As per Google play services 6.5 Highlights : The ActivityRecognitionClient, LocationClient, and PlusClientclasses are deprecated. If you used those APIs in your app and want to call Google Play services 6.5 or higher APIs, you must switch to the new programming model that … Continue reading

Configuring server to relay email through Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)

Configuring server to relay email through Amazon SES will provide easy, real-time access to our sending statistics. It has built-in notifications for bounces, complaints, and deliveries which helps us fine-tune our email-sending strategy. Postfix is a free and open-source mail … Continue reading

PHP to Node.JS Migration – Retaining Your Cpanel E-Mail Account While DNS Migration

Hello folks, If you are here on this blog, you might be searching for the ways to migrate your existing PHP website to Node.js. In this blog i will try to explain, how you can point your existing domain to … Continue reading

Unit test a method returning an object of protected class

Following is an example of testing a method which returns an object of protect class: In the previous blog we talked about fetching the list of message codes from file. While writing the test case for CustomisedPluginAwareResourceBundleMessageSource, I was … Continue reading