How to customize homepage in Grails app

In this blog I want to share how can we customize home page in a Grails application.

In grails, the default homepage is the web-app/index.gsp if we explicitly don`t specify any thing; but of-course that is not sufficient for all apps. We need to have a custom landing page instead of the default page provided by grails.

This can be easily achieved by modifying the URL mappings in UrlMappings.groovy file. 

controller = "yourController"
action = "yourAction"

By configuring the URLMappings this way, the home-page of the app will be yourWebApp/yourController/yourAction.

Hope this helps.

-Pradeep Garikipati

5 thoughts on “How to customize homepage in Grails app

  1. It seems it’s also not working in my case (version 2.1.0). Which Grails version are you assuming? This syntax is incompatible with the syntax in the present UrlMappings.groovy, where the line related to appwebroot is:


    Can you please provide a COMPLETE example?

  2. It works just fine on Version 2.1.0. There are different formats available whether you are directing to views or controllers.. An example working:

    “/” {
    controller = “admin”
    action = “index”

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